Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life, the Universe, and Everything...

well, life's been pretty good so far...

today's Easter Sunday...approximately 2000 years since our Lord and Savior, Jesus, gave His Life for us, so that we may live again with Life Eternal! Whoo! Go Jesus!

anyway...looking forward in May to:

1: X-Men Origins: Wolverine!
6: The Flash: Rebirth #2 of 5!!
8: Star Trek!!!
12: US Air Force Basic Training!!!!

coolness...i should (as long as everything goes according to plan :P) graduate from bt on July 10th...3 days before my birthday... is getting pretty crazy very soon. YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!

til next time!

Happy 69th Robin Month!

"Above All."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Rebirth Has Begun...

well, ish 1 of Rebirth was freakin awesome! with the exception of the several page long "Power Girl" (*shudder*) preview, it was crazy-cool. if it accomplished ANYTHING, it may have made Bart "Kid Flash" Allen my new fave hero! here's hopin for a bigger role in the next ish!

5/5 easily.

til next time...