Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Pull List:

...currently consists of:

-The Flash (2 more issues left)
-Final Crisis (4 more issues i'm picking up: 5-7, secret files)
-Green Lantern (still truckin...)
-Secret Six (just starting out...)
-Booster Gold (rollin on...)

however, December will see the end of the current run on The Flash and Final Crisis ends in January. this spring we'll see The Flash: Rebirth and next summer we'll see Green Lantern: The Blackest Night's various tie-ins. by next fall, things should be back to normal however.

by next fall, my list will consist of:

-The Flash (written by Geoff Johns. illustrated by ?)
-Green Lantern (written by Geoff Johns. illustrated by Ivan Reis.)
-Secret Six (written by Gail Simone. illustrated by ?)
-Booster Gold (written by ? illustrated by ?)
-Plastic Man (written by ? illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver.)

(btw: he pronounces it "Sky-ver"...)

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