Thursday, February 12, 2009


well...April 1st is just a month and a 1/2 away...meaning The Flash: Rebirth will be hitting the shelves...woot.

Barry Allen gets moved up the big spot, Bart Allen gets to rok the Kid Flash mantle, Wally West gets pushed aside, and Jay Garrick continues to be an oooooold man (he was 10 sometime during the end of WWI!!! if that were to be say...1918, the final year, he (and Joan) could very well be 101. insane.)

here's to the Rogues!

til next time, happy 69th Shazam Month! (Captain Marvel debuted on Feb 1940!)

69th Anniversaries:
January-The Flash/Hawkman (Flash Month)
February-Shazam! (Shazam Month!)
March-Captain America (68th) (Cap Month)
April-Robin (Robin Month)
May-Batman (70th woot!) (Bat-Month)
June-Superman (71st)/The Spirit (SuperMonth)
July-Green Lantern (Lantern Month)
August-Plastic Man (68th) (Plastic Month)
September-? (the Month of September...)
October-The Human Torch (70th)/The Atom (Atom Month)
November-Aquaman/Green Arrow (68th) (AquaMonth)
December-Wonder Woman (68th) (Wonder Month)

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