Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The End of Heroes (preview)

Issue 1 synopsis:
The story opens at Bruce Wayne’s 75th birthday party, as he is brutally murdered by an unknown assailant. The current heroes of the time, the Justice Titans, who are actually the children of the old guard, are finishing up on a recent mission. However, three of their number stayed behind at their HQ just in case something came up. They don’t stand a chance. Tempest, daughter of the late third Aquaman, Red Arrow, daughter of the late Roy Harper, and Darkstar, son of the late Donna Troy, are martyrs for the first serious mystery this team has had to encounter. There is only one active hero remaining of the old guard, and protecting him may prove to be more of a hassle than they had wished for!

Issue One.
Caption: Thirty years from now.
Caption: Give or take a few.
Caption: Metropolis. Population: 850,000.
Caption: And dropping...
Caption: My name is Jason. Jason Kent.
Caption: Yes, I’m related to him...
Caption: I’m his son.
Caption: You can call me...The Hero.
Caption: Catchy, huh?
Caption: I represent a group of heroes that are the last five heroes on the whole planet.
Caption: Go ahead. Let that sink in.
Caption: I could start out by telling you the story of how I acquired my powers. Or how weird it is being the son of Superman and Wonder Woman. Or how Batman raised me.
Caption: I could even take you back to when this whole mess began.
Caption: When the murder of the heroes you’re probably a little more familiar with began. Or, as we here in the year 2040 call them, the "old guard".
Caption: Instead, I’ll begin with the murder that hit me the hardest. I was young when Kal-El and Diana died...
Caption: No, this one hurt much worse...
Caption: The day Bruce Wayne died.
Caption: Gotham City. The year 2039 AD.
Caption: Bruce Wayne’s 75th birthday.

Issue 2 synopsis:
The Justice Titans begin their search for Dark Robin, the man formerly known as Jason Todd, as their greatest detectives: The Hero: the son of Superman and Wonder Woman and The Bat-Man: the son of Bruce Wayne investigate the trail of murders. Plus: the death of Booster Gold?

Issue 3 synopsis:
Everything the Justice Titans have laid on the line may be jeopardized as Jason Todd’s life is endangered! Meanwhile, the Hero and the Bat-Man, the dynamic duo of the future, come across a startling revelation in their investigation of the string of murders...

Issue 4 synopsis:
The Challengers of Doom come to earth to help with the investigation, leading to their deaths. The murderer is revealed just in time as the Justice Titans save the very last hero of the old guard...or is he the last? Everything has lead up to this!

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