Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Flash/post-Rebirth.

obviously Barry Allen is going to be The Flash after The Flash: Rebirth is over.
but, what about Wally West? Jay Garrick? Bart Allen?
basically, Barry will be Central City's Flash. that's a given.
but, Wally will be Keystone City's Flash, in a sort of Green Lantern way (Hal/John as the GL's of 2814, Kyle/Guy as "Honor Guard" on Oa.)
Jay/Alan Scott/Ted Grant will all retire/die/time-travel. i don't care, just get them OUT.
Bart may or may not come back in Legion of 3 Worlds...if he does, either keep him there as Impulse, or bring him back as Kid Flash. he can join the Teen Titans again, be Barry's sidekick, etc.
Wally's kids (Iris/Jai) are going to school like normal kids now. maybe have them become de-powered...(?)
Wally/Linda stay married/happy/ALIVE.
Barry/Iris (not Wally's daughter, his aunt) get back together, stay married/happy.
IF Bart comes to 21st century as KF, have him get back with Valerie Perez, stay dating/happy/alive...
have Geoff Johns/GOOD artist (NOT Scott Kolins) stay on The Flash for a long time...

that's today's ramblings. tomorrow, i'll post a preview of my rough draft of my comic book storyline!


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