Thursday, October 30, 2008


well...i haven't posted for a few days. sorry?

the War of Light has essentially begun. so far, there's Green (and a Blue) vs. Red vs. Yellow Lanterns. Violet is forming in GLC. Orange is coming very soon...(Agent Orange, anyone?) word on them yet.

Final Crisis 4 of 7 was pretty freakin criz-nazy. Submit was pretty cool too. Resist comes out next week. then i have to wait until the 26th!!!for 5 of 7 to come out. oy.

The Flash ends in Dec with 247 (only 2 ish away!) and doesn't get squat til April with Rebirth 1 of 5/6?. speaking of which, does Rebirth have 5 issues or 6? nowhere have we found out...we have to wait until Jan 15th-ish to find out.

so, things are picking up speed, headed towards a conclusion, or somewhere inbetween. Detective Comics (DC) Comics rules!

btw: i am now the unofficial number one fan of Jay Garrick! woot for the first Flash and his Mercury helmet!

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